Double sided matte black oil spraying tin plate
Double sided matte black oil spraying tin plate

Process of matte black oil spraying tin plate:

Cutting - baking plate - drilling - copper sinking - pattern transfer - electrolytic copper and tin - etching - tin stripping - smooth plate test - etching QC - photosensitive black oil - silk screen characters - tin spraying - punching plate or gong plate - V-CUT - finished product test - FQC - FQA - packaging and shipping

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Tin spraying is also called hot air leveling. The function is to prevent oxidation of bare copper surface and maintain solderability. As a common surface coating form, the quality of tin spraying will directly affect the welding quality and solderability of subsequent customer production

1. Design, development, production and testing of electronic products and electromechanical control products.

2. The customer puts forward the product function requirements, and we design the product scheme and make the prototype.

3. Provide software and hardware upgrading services, add or modify functions, improve defects, and make the product more perfect.

4. Improve design or production process, reduce cost, shorten production cycle and improve product performance.

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