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Quality and environment policy
Quality and environment policy
Total quality control:
Quality management focuses on quality management. Its job responsibility is to ensure that the products provided to customers are the best under the premise of certain cost control. Quality management refers to a management approach that focuses on quality and is based on the participation of all staff, and aims to achieve long-term success by satisfying customers. Only with the consent of the buyer can enterprises obtain certain benefits. For this reason, we can not lack the necessary production and sales technology, technology to ensure product quality, etc., to correctly and economically manufacture a management system that meets the customer's product quality requirements.

Refine on:
To promote the core concept of lean production, enterprises must thoroughly realize the transformation to the "user centered" management mode. Require enterprises to improve the value of products and services Respond quickly to users' needs. Gradually form a lean production management system that optimizes the allocation of enterprise production resources, comprehensively and completely implements the idea of lean management in production management, follows the manufacturing concept of zero defect, zero loss and excellence, pursues profit and maximum value, and eliminates all waste.

Environmental protection procurement:
It is also called "green procurement". The real "green procurement" refers to the procurement of products that meet environmental protection standards. Specifically, it has two meanings. First, the product itself does not contain harmful chemicals that harm human health. Second, it does not use harmful chemicals that pollute the environment and harm human health, nor produce waste that pollutes the environment, nor cause pollution to the environment. To determine whether a product is a green product, it is not only necessary to test the content of trace elements in the product, but also to conduct system certification for the production process and place of the product. Only the products that meet the requirements of both inspection and certification can be called "green products", and the purchase of such qualified products can be called "green procurement".

Harmonious environment:
In a harmonious and happy working environment, employees will be more willing to give advice and suggestions for the enterprise and help the enterprise to seek greater development. Not only that, the dedication desire of employees in a harmonious environment can also be expressed in other aspects. They often can not idle their hands and minds, and are not satisfied with doing a good job in the scope of their duties to obtain a fixed salary. They may also volunteer to give advice for the future of the enterprise to make their enterprise more competitive. Innovation is a ladder for the development of an enterprise. A worker who is really working in a harmonious and happy environment will have the spirit of continuous innovation, so that the enterprise can maintain a healthy development. They constantly tap their potential because of the happiness of their work. They will actively give some reasonable suggestions to the enterprise, collect some useful information for the enterprise, and may also improve some processes and facilities
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Quality and environment policy
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