Double layer butter tin plate 2L
Double layer butter tin plate 2L

Process requirements for double-sided butter tin spraying plate: double-sided plate, FR4 1.6mm, double-sided light sensitive butter white characters, lead tin spraying, through hole opening, minimum line width and line spacing: more than 0.15 mm, minimum hole diameter: more than 0.3 mm; The circuit boards produced by our company are beautiful in appearance, good in quality, affordable in price, complete in variety, and optional in color. Welcome to inquire and order.

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Shenzhen Sentai Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise specializing in manufacturing high-quality, high-precision single and double sided and multilayer circuit boards The company has modern imported professional production equipment and testing equipment, such as: pressing machine, drilling gongs machine, Jingming automatic electroplating line, cosmic horizontal etching line, full-automatic testing machine, etc In strict accordance with the management norms of the modern enterprise system, a group of PCB manufacturing teams have been established
The main processes of the company include lead-free tin spraying, gold plating, gold precipitation, O.S.P oxidation resistance, lead tin spraying, electro nickel, rosin, etc. The high-precision circuit boards produced by the company are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, medical treatment, instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, LCD, LED and other fields.

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