Four layer green oil spray tin plate 4L
Four layer green oil spray tin plate 4L

Process flow chart of four layer green oil spraying tin plate:

Blanking and edging → drilling → copper sinking and thickening → outer layer figure → tin plating, etching and tin stripping → secondary drilling → inspection → silk screen solder resistance → gold plated plug → hot air leveling → silk screen characters → contour processing → test → inspection → warehousing → production management.

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As for our Sentai PCB, PCB tin spraying is divided into lead-free tin spraying and leaded tin spraying. Tin spraying is good for parts and patches, and anti-oxidation is environmentally friendly But the disadvantage is that if the oxidation resistance is not good, it is very easy to apply tin on the parts or patches when the tin is poor. It is necessary to repair the tin manually. In fact, both tin spraying and oxidation resistance are to ensure that the circuit board is not oxidized, because once the copper skin of the circuit board is oxidized, the copper skin will not stick tin, but the tin spraying plate can reduce this problem, with good welding performance and high welding fastness.

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