Fundamentals of Electronic Circuit Diagram
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Electronic knowledge

What are the basic knowledge of electronic circuit diagram? What should electronic beginners learn to get started quickly? What skills and experience can we learn from? To quickly learn the circuit diagram, we must first know that the circuit is composed of power supply, load and intermediate links. Different components are used to complete different circuit functions. Circuits in the power system can transmit, distribute and convert electric energy; In electronic technology, circuits can transmit, transform, store and process electrical signals.

First of all, we must be familiar with and be able to remember the representative symbols of simple and common components, which can help us understand the function of the circuit more quickly; At the same time, we should be able to know the functions of various components and their mutual combination, as well as some common basic circuit diagrams. For example, a capacitor is a device that holds charge, a diode is an electronic device with unidirectional conduction current, and a triode is mainly used to amplify current, which is often represented by Q,

In some circuit diagrams with many electronic components and complex circuits, we must have ways to read them, so that we can quickly and accurately understand the meaning of circuit diagrams. The overall idea is to first decompose the large circuit diagram level by level when getting it, then analyze and understand its principle level by level, and then fully synthesize it after zui.


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