Solutions to various problems of aluminum substrate
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Surface treatment method of aluminum substrate:

1. Polishing: It can overcome defects, deburr and brighten the surface.

2. Sand blasting: the purpose of aluminum surface treatment is to overcome and cover up some defects of aluminum alloy during machining and meet some special requirements of customers for product appearance. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., showing different feelings, similar to the rough and dry texture of ground glass, and fine sand mold can also show high-end products.

3. Metal electroplating method: relatively common, and there is a process of electroplating after polishing.

4. Lathing: aluminum surface treatment is a processing method for re processing after mold forming. Lathe is used to process the lines, and the adult shows very regular texture features.

5. Scratch pattern: it is called brushed pattern, which is similar to the chevron pattern. It is a smooth continuous pattern formed on the surface. The difference is that the chevron pattern is a circular pattern, and the scratch pattern is a linear pattern.

6. Oxidation (coloring): The purpose of aluminum surface treatment and oxidation is divided into two aspects, which can enhance the physical properties and achieve the purpose of coloring.


Treatment method for green oil wire loss of aluminum substrate:

1. If there is a problem with the die notch. Try to keep the circuit board free of dust and burrs, otherwise the aluminum substrate will be damaged during stamping, causing some green oil wrinkling or scratches.

2. If the mold is OK, then the adhesion between the green oil and the aluminum substrate is a problem. I wonder if you are doing thermal curing or liquid? If there is a problem with the printing ink and process during printing or exposure, it will also fall off easily.



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