Double sided aluminum substrate
Double sided aluminum substrate

Introduction to double-sided aluminum substrate process:

The process of aluminum substrate refers to formulating reasonable and feasible specifications for the processing and treatment of aluminum substrate based on the principle of advanced technology and reasonable economy, and for the purpose of good quality of final products. To ensure the smooth production process, the basic process flow includes: cutting → drilling → dry film optical imaging → plate inspection → etching → etching → green oil → characters → green inspection → tin spraying → aluminum substrate treatment → punching → pressing → final inspection → packaging → shipment.

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Features of double-sided aluminum substrate:

The aluminum substrate (metal based heat dissipation plate (including aluminum substrate, copper substrate and iron substrate) is a low alloyed Al Mg Si series high plastic alloy plate (see the figure below for structure), which has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and mechanical processing performance. Compared with the traditional FR - 4, the aluminum substrate has the same thickness, the same line width, and can carry higher current. The withstand voltage of the aluminum substrate can reach 4500V, and the thermal conductivity is greater than 2.0, In the industry, aluminum substrate is mainly used.

1. Use surface mounting technology (SMT);

2. In the circuit design scheme, the thermal diffusion is treated very effectively;

3. Reduce product operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, and extend product service life;

4. Reduce product volume and hardware and assembly costs;

5. Replace fragile ceramic substrate to obtain better mechanical durability


Precautions for double-sided aluminum substrate:

1 The aluminum substrate material is expensive, so special attention should be paid to the standardization of operation during the production process to prevent scrap caused by non-standard operation.

2 Operators of each process must handle with care to avoid scratches on the board surface and aluminum base surface.

3 Operators of each process shall avoid touching the effective area of aluminum substrate with their hands as far as possible. When tin spraying and holding plates in subsequent processes, they shall only hold the edges of the plates, and shall not touch the plates directly with their fingers.

4 The aluminum base plate is a special plate, and its production should be highly valued by each process in each area. The section head and the foreman should personally check the quality to ensure the smooth production of the plate in each process.

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