Types and characteristics of PCB
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The base plate of PCB itself is made of insulating and heat-insulating materials that are not easy to bend. The small circuit material visible on the surface is copper foil. Originally, the copper foil was covered on the whole board, but part of it was etched during the manufacturing process, and the left part became a small network circuit. These lines are called conductor patterns or wiring, and are used to provide circuit connections for parts on a PCB.

PCB types include organic materials: phenolic resin, glass fiber/epoxy resin, Polymide, BT/Epoxy, etc. Inorganic materials: aluminum, copper invar copper, ceramic, etc. It mainly takes its heat dissipation function
PCB manufacturing process is the first process when placing an order: blanking.
Copper clad plate, also known as base material. The reinforcement material is dipped in resin, one or both sides are covered with copper foil, and then hot pressed into a plate material, which is called copper clad laminate. It is the basic material for PCB, often called base material. When it is used in the production of multilayer boards, it is also called core board (CORE). The surface is copper.
If it is a single panel, it can be drilled again or rotated before forming. If it is a double-sided plate, drill holes after cutting, sometimes there are two drills and three drills behind it. For multilayer boards, drill holes after inner lamination.


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